New Recordings

The Society has already started work on promoting recordings of music, either hitherto unrecorded, or, where previously recorded, the CD is either no longer available or the LP has never been transcribed onto CD.

We have four proposed recordings in hand, of which the following is a summary.

Project 1 - Holst's Christmas Music

The Godwine Choir, under their conductor Alex Davan Wetton, have agreed in principle, to record Holst's Christmas music. This is due to be released in the autumn of 2019, possibly under the SOMM label.

The CD will include In the Bleak Midwinter (H73), Christmas Day (H109), Four Old English Carols (H82), A Dream of Christmas (H139), Lullay My Liking (H129), The Wassail Song (H182), Two Carols - A Welcome Song/ Terly Terlow (H91), Three Carols (H133), Of One That Is So Fair (H130), This Have I Done (H128), Bring us in Good Ale (H131).

We also intend to include all Holst's organ music, together with the transcription for two organists of Holst's Scherzo for Orchestra, which was to have formed part of his second orchestral symphony. This was never completed as at the time of his death.

Project 2 - Choral Works by Holst and Dyson (now issued)

This is a recording by the Godwine Choir of lesser-known music by George Dyson and Gustav Holst. The programme for the music by Holst includes the Five Part-songs (H61), four of the 12 Welsh Folk Songs (H183) and the premier recording of Love is Enough dating from 1897.

Although the five part-songs have previously been recorded, that recording dates back some decades and is no longer available. 

Dream Tryst is issued under the EM record label and can be obtained through  EM Records, PO Box 123, Clunton, Craven Arms SY7 7BP, email:, or visit

The Society provided sponsorship towards this recording, together with generous support from three of our members.HOLST in Soundproofed Room.jpg

Project 3

This is a joint project with the Vaughan Williams Society, under the Albion label. Two CDs will be issued during 2019 and will include music for voice and piano by Vaughan Williams and Holst, together with music by Holst for voice and violin. For those interested in the music to be recorded by Vaughan Williams, please visit the website of the Vaughan Williams Society at

The songs by Holst and Vaughan Williams were recorded at Potten Hall, Suffolk, from 28 November to 1 December 2018.

The soloists were Mary Bevan, soprano, Roderick Williams, baritone, and Jack Liebeck, violin. William Vann accompanied at the piano.

The works by Holst include Four Songs (H14), Six Songs (H68), Cradle Song (from Six Songs H69), The Willow Tree (H83/6), Abroad as I was Walking (H83/1), Four Songs for Voice and Violin (H132), Darest Thou Now O Soul (H72).

A number of these recordings are world premieres.

The Society is greatly indebted to the Vaughan Williams Society for arranging these recordings, which will fill a gap in the works of Holst previously unrecorded.

Project 4

The Society is presently negotiating with a group of professional female singers to record all Holst's partsongs for female voices. Once these plans have been developed, we will publish further information.


Purchasing Recordings

There are numerous recordings of works by Holst. Those visiting this website should consult online retailers.

Future Recordings

The Society would always be interested in hearing ideas about future recordings. If you are proposing a recording yourself or through your choral society/orchestra, we would be most interested in learning about this. Please send such information to us via the form on the contact page.